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She claims that she recently witnessed her husband engaging in sexual activity with his mother. She is obviously completely distraught by this development.

Here’s how she presented the tale:

Right now, I’m really traumatized. I’m unable to even think clearly. Oh God!!! I’ve just received the worst shock of my life from my husband, and I want to pass out. This is too much for me.

I’ll try to keep it brief. I’m 23 years old, and my hubby is 25. Our marriage has now lasted for approximately two years.

I used to frequently visit his home to meet with his mother. My spouse only has his mother, with whom he is really close, because his father is late.

My husband’s mother and I have always seen how much we care about one another. When I would go see him, I would occasionally notice him curled up with his head on his mother’s lap. When I used to make fun of it or even refer to him as “mummy’s boy,” he would just chuckle. Let’s go back in time to two days ago. I surprised my lover and was surprised by what I saw. Simply put, I was unable to believe what I was seeing. I went straight to his room when I got home because that’s where we usually meet. There, I witnessed my lover getting n*ked on both his bed and his mother. With whom he was having sex.

I shouted his name and nearly passed out.

When they both saw me, they were surprised. I simply left.

Since then, my spouse has called me and texted me about being seduced and other things. But right now I’m in such a terrible state. I don’t want to consider it at all.

Dear God. What should I do? The first love of my life is this man.



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